Update To Google Webmaster Tools – Download BackLinks By Date

Actually – QUITE a useful update to Google Webmaster tools went live a short moment ago (I think).

You can now DOWNLOAD your BACKLINKS BY DATE in your GWT panel – which makes identifying who’s linking to you a bit easier. It might also be useful if you are cleaning up your backlink profile, too.

It looks useful on first play about with – the latest Hobo links are below – and considering I’m not building links of any kind at the moment and havent done so for years (or even blogging much if you are paying attention) I’m apparently still picking up lots and lots of organic, sh*t links – as well as my negative seo attack links.

You can easily spot negative seo posts though, and who’s scraping and spamming Google with your url:

My last 55+ links I’ve earned have been organic spam links, apparently….. no wonder Google gives little weight to most of the links pointing at your site…

Screen Shot 2012-07-18 at 01.47.04

Chances are Google will pollute this long term to take the real benefit of this away as per usual – ie – by rediscovering backlinks already in your profile.

But – it is an interesting addition to Google Webmaster tools.

It would be nice to know if the page your link was on was nofollowed, or the link was nofollowed – that would make it even more useful.

But then we wouldn’t have to build our own tools, would we.

A better addition to the DISAVOW links over at Bing for the moment, at any rate.


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