Top Fundamentals for Google Optimization

Google optimization is about following Google guidelines, Google likes ethical SEO practices, those SEO practices which are to help website owners as well as Google and it has published guidelines for SEOs here:ย

  • Fresh and Original Content
  • Clean and Validated Code
  • Easy and Accessible Navigation
  • Good Interlinking of Web pages
  • Healthy and Relevant Incoming Links
  • Domain Age and Registered Period For
  • Same Contacts at Site and Domain Registration

Fresh and Original Content:

Google loves fresh and original content. Make sure the content alsois selectable on the page and isn’t just an image. They can read your images and links via alt and title tags, but it is most important to use header tags such as H1 and H2 tags and include your keywords in them.

Clean and Validated Code:

Clean and validated code helps Google to crawl easily and deeply. Make sure you code to the latest web standards and don’t have too much javascript, inline css, or other messy code. Use external files where you can. Keep your code as clean as possible.

Easy and Accessible Navigation:

Google wants to be able to easily read your navigation bar, so try to keep it text. If you must use images, than make sure to you the alt tag so Google knows what your buttons mean. Also, make sure you have a site map created for your site and submitted to Google Webmaster Tools.

Good Interlinking of Web pages:

Web links are like roads and streets on a website, make sure all website’s internal links are linking correctly and most importantly to pages with relevant and related content.

Healthy and Relevant Incoming Links:

Google likes when websites link to yours, especially if they are high quality authority websites. We call these backlinks and when you get enough high quality, and general backlinks, your website will be viewed as more of an authority website and all your pages will rank higher for their optimized keywords.

Domain Age and Registered Period For:

Google also what you call ‘aged domains’. These are older, pre-registered domain names. You can get these domains when they expire by backordering or bidding on them. If your domain name is already old, that is great because you will get more Google love.

That’s it, stay tuned for more SEO training!

I hope this information helps…